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My employer recently switched our pharmacy coverage to Optum RX, I guess in an attempt to lower costs. I am a firm believer in the "you get what you pay for" philosophy.

This company has only had our contract since October and our HR department has already had numerous complaints. The incident that has infuriated me involves a co-worker/friend that had a heart transplant in 2013. They are actually hassling her about the cost of her anti-rejection medication. Because her 90-day supply is over what "our plan" will pay, they told her, after two weeks of going back and forth, that they could only fill it for 80 days.

Has anyone ever in the history of the world been prescribed 80 days of a medication? She was told it would be over-nighted to her, but it was not. They placed her order on hold without so much as a phone call. After two weeks of haggling with them, she was down to three days remaining of her anti-rejection meds.

She called them and was told that they needed to discuss some things with her doctor. She contacted her transplant coordinator at the hospital and was put in touch with her nurse practitioner. She contacted Optum and then told my friend everything should be ok now. But it wasn't, because the rep she spoke with put NOTHING into the system to indicate there had been any communication.

I took her down to the HR benefits office, where a young lady reached out to our account rep (for our employer). He couldn't be bothered to call back; he just emailed and stated that he would approve it and have it sent out. When she called back to confirm a delivery date (since she now has one days worth of anti-rejection meds left), she found out that no order had been placed. This issue has STILL not been resolved, and she is taking her last doses today.

This company shows no urgency and no compassion. If any HR departments are thinking of switching to Optum RX, think about your employees, their health, and focus less on the bottom line. They do not care.

The just want the money. WORST COMPANY EVER!

Product or Service Mentioned: Optumrx Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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So sorry that this happened to your co worker. A case should have been created and marked urgent well before the situation reached such lengths.

An emergency fill should have been provided as well until the matter was handled.

Again, so sorry your coworker had to experience this. I only hope that the issue has now been handled accordingly.

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