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I am a former employee that can confirm that OptumRX is a company that should be avoided. As an organization as a whole they are only worried about their bottom line and if that means that you don't get your medicine then so be it as long as they get paid.

If you have done any local business with scripts but still do business with them then get them out of their now. The reason I say this as a former employee they started this initiative known as MCR. Basically this is their way of getting you to move your scripts to mail order service by offering if you would like to do this. The thing is that they are required to maintain a 10% a month quota of how many scripts they get you to move over.

They do this by sending requests to your doctor via fax and when script comes through that counts as part of the percentage. The thing is they have the reps so scared about not meeting their mark in means to maintain their jobs that even if you said "no" or if you might have said "yeah maybe in a few weeks and will call you back to do this" or maybe you are not gotten any offers at all, they will end up sending the request out anyway to pad the numbers. When this is done and the script is processed and sent out it will not be considered returnable because this MCR is also known as a PSC (Proactive Script Capture) and the way it is notated in the notes as such, it basically says that you gave the ok for this to be done and for you to be charged. Once again non-returnable medication even though he may have said nothing about this being done for you or you flat out said no.

It is nothing short of being a crime. I am disgusted that I worked for such a crooked company and would advise all to stay away and fill locally if at all possible.

OptumRX who is part of United Health Care is corrupt, crooked, and will steal from you and leave you out to dry. There are many good employees and pray that they get out before that place implodes on itself.

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