First, let me say if you are planning on using OptumRx service. DO NOT DO IT! It’s just not worth all the hassle. Honestly, it’s a poorly managed company. You will receive better service from a call center located in a third world company, by a person named Sue, then you receive from OptumRx.

Here’s my story. I use their service for ONE PRESCRIPTION only! I ordered a three-month supply. The service brought an end to long lines at the pharmacy each month and waiting the extra 20 minutes for them to fill it - too easy! So, I thought it was a brilliant idea! Oh how wrong I was! A long line at the pharmacy beats what I’ve endured for the last couple of weeks with OptumRx.

First let me say the start of my aggravation and harassment began August 23, when I received a phone call from one of OptumRx customer care representatives informing me that another 90 day subscription was to be mailed shortly. I told them, no thank you, I still have a 60 day supply left and that I would call when I needed another 90 day supply. All went great! … Oh how wrong I am!

I proceeded to receive additional phone calls, Sept. 3, and Sept. 5. And all 3 times I reiterated that I DID NOT NEED THE PRESCRIPTION FILLED, that I would call when I did. September 6th they charged my account $200+ to fill the prescription. SEPTEMBER 7th, they call again to inform me that another 90 day supply was in the mail. At that point I lost it. They gladly told me that I would get a full refund, but it will take up to 7 to 10 business days, more like 14. But first it has to go through a review processes and get final approval from the accounting office. And that takes up to 2 weeks. At this point I am livid! PLUS, WITHOUT insurance coverage, at Walgreens, my prescription cost $33 a month and at Sam’s Club, the cost is $15. Why OptumRx was charging me $200+ for a 90 day supply, I have no clue, AND I have insurance. What did they bill my insurance company?

This woman LaToya continued to explain to me that; the end of June I signed up for the NO HASSLE Plan. Whatever that is! I’ve been hassled weekly by them already. There for it’s my fault and that I need to understand the NO HASSLE Plan I agreed too. A No Hassle Plan from OptumRx means No Hassle. They just call as a courtesy when to expect arrival of my next filled subscription. Ya, we argued! But again, it’s my fault, after all this is a No Hassle Plan I signed up for…

This morning, Sept. 9 at 11:30 am, I received another phone call from a young women by the name of Kim, I am thinking a manager, she was very apologetic, accepted full responsibility for OptumRx mistakes, she clearly understood why I felt harassed. As she said, I am not the first client to discontinue or temporally halt a prescription and she kindly stated that it’s seems that this situation is a departmental training and knowledge failure and issue and she will address it immediately.

So *** me, I thought the situation was managed! Oh how wrong was I!

Again, I do not know what the definition “immediately” means to OptumRx, because I just received ANOTHER phone call at 2:54 pm, by OptumRx and they are sending out ANOTHER 90 day subscription.

HOW MANY PILLS DO I NEED! For a low dosage pill to control high blood pressure. Evidently a *** of a lot more right now! I am sure my blood pressure is going through the roof. Maybe that's OptiumRx's intent to fill my subscription by creating a greater need.

This chick proceeded to tell me that they contacted my physician and requested a prescription update and that they are sending me another 90 day supply.

I ASK ALL OF YOU TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS… HOW MANY PILLS DO I NEED! I am not a pharmacist; I don’t sell pills, I do not give them away or share with friends, family or hoard these pills. I take one low dose pill before I go to sleep at night.

OptumRx not only is forcing pills I do not need down my throat but charging my account – even after I say STOP! Kind-of-sounds like a plot for another low budget B-rated movie on the Syfy Channel – The Hassle Free attack of OptumRxado or the Return of OptumRx… how about “Rape-And-Pillage of OptumRx-ado…. I like the Rape-And-PILLage of OptumRx-ado, it’s the best description of their service.

God Bless you if you decide to use this service. But do not complain if you read this and still use this service.

Raped and PILLaged in Philly

Monetary Loss: $215.

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