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It would take a long essay to detail my experience with OPTUM but the short version is: I was away from home for 4 months, thinking that getting my med by mail would be the best option. I swear I called them at least 30 times getting answers like: we need special order from doctor(did it), it will be mailed overnight (did not come for over a month), we need verification from insurance ( insurance already sent it), it Wes sent yesterday ( blatant lie), there was a mix up, will be sent today rush (more lies), I could go on and on but the final blow was "we need a photo ID"... This was for a simple HRT prescription!

NEVER deal with this company!!!

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Optum RX motto is hire the mentally handicapped. It is fun to watch them attempt to work.

Their customer service is the worst. Anyone that uses their services is prone to a heart attack as it is easier to climb Mount Everest than order a simple prescription from Optum Rx.

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