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So far, so bad. I've never been so frustrated calling somewhere for help. First, the automated computer voice didn't recognize my birthday, which I had to say several times. I finally had to yell it.

After I got on the phone with a person, she took forever just to get my name. She obviously did not know her way around the website, since I was on hold several minutes after I asked where I can download a prescription list.

During that time on hold, the other line was completely silent. There was no hold music or any indicator that someone would come back, so I hung up. Then after a few minutes, I called back.

Same experience as the first call with the computer not recognizing anything when I said my birth date. When a person picked up the phone, I began to explain my question. I asked if she needed a prescription number, then she said that she needed my account number. I asked where to find that. She had no idea if it was on the website or on my insurance card. Then she bluntly asked with a raised voice "what's your NAME?"

I told her my name, and then the after-call survey immediately came on, indicating that she had ended the call. She didn't try to call me back.

I took to Twitter and got a direct message back with a direct number for an elevated contact. My question involved a prenatal vitamin that they wanted to charge me $180 for. After much back and forth with my doctor and this elevated contact, she told me that my doctor insisted that I take that specific $180 prenatal vitamin. I know better, because I spoke to the nurse at my doctor's office who recommended we try a cheaper one that OptumRx charges $10 for. OptumRx totally blamed my doctor for being inflexible!

I am frustrated. I'm angry because I have worked in over-the-phone support and I know everything these reps are NOT doing to make the call pleasant. They don't know the product, their website, or basic phone courtesy.

I gave up on my prenatal vitamins. I just don't take them anymore, thanks to this company and their employees who can't get their act together.

I don't want anyone from OptumRx to contact me, because I've gotten to the point that it's as resolved as it's going to be. I would like my insurance company (United Healthcare) to be aware of the truly terrible customer service that they are forcing on policy holders.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the insurance company (United Healthcare) know about the poor service given by their partner company (OptumRx)..

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