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Received an email 4 days after submitting my prescription stating there was an issue with my order. Turned out their website is once again screwed up due to site maintenance (they can never tell you when it will be working again; they tell you “to just keep checking the website”.

After first CSA failed to update my CC, resulting in delay of prescription being filled and delivered, I see that my prescription is being shipped 1st class mail (four day delivery), not overnighted as promised by second CSA. Lying, incompetent, idiots working at OptumRx. Use another pharmacy if at all possible.

Their online reviews sums up the incompetence of these clowns. …

Product or Service Mentioned: Optumrx Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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agree completely


Name calling isn't going to inform the educated readership of this forum or garner sympathy for your situation.

Please explain how the customer accessible website caused a total breakdown in access to your medications.

The story doesn't make sense because something is missing.

Did you try any other remedy such as a simple phone call ?

If you do, be more polite ; the first time you called me some of those names, I would ship you empty boxes, put your order at the bottom of the list, double charge your account, and make life miserable in ways you never even thought of.

to Marty #1410917

So you work at Optum Rx?

Good to know.

to Marty #1493394

And potentially put someone in a life-or-death situation.Did you try any other remedy such as not being a jerk?It must suck to feel your only way to deal with people is threatening them.

to Marty #1495852

you obviously have never dealt with Optum

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