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Sent me wrong shipment - I called and and was told to return so I sent back via registered mail. I was promised a credit card refund but it didn't hit statement.

Called again the next month and they said someone did not process the credit correctly - promised credit again. Still didn't hit my next statement so called again and was told they don't do CC refunds!!!! (that makes no sense!) Was told they would cut me a check. 30 days later called again - stil no check,.

Now they say they have no record of my calls, etc. etc.

Going on 4 months. $219.00 out of pocket for nothing!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $219.

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File a complaint with the state insurance commissioner that's what I did to get my refund


Wow I am glad they only owe me $32.77. Looks like I might not get my money.

They said they would send me something to mail it back in.

I have not got the package yet. They told me they will return my money when they have their medication back.


Call your credit card company and dispute the charge. They should help you.

to Anon #646873

By the way, it's a violation of the credit card merchant guidelines to cut a check for a credit card transaction refund - it is required to put it back on the card where the transaction originated. The only way they are allowed to do it (other than possibly crediting your account against future charges) is to put the money back onto your credit card.

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